Ice Cream

Peekaboo is Ice Cream with BENEFITS
(veggies, to be exact).

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Psssst! Here’s the Peekaboo secret

More yummy stuff

We use real deal ingredients (like pure sweet cream) so every flavor is insanely craveable.

More green stuff

Every pint contains one serving of veggies. And we only use high-quality, organic ingredients.

Less yucky stuff

No artificial flavors or colors, no GMOs, no fillers like diglycerides (WTF is that?!)

Less judgy stuff

Can’t get your kids to eat their veggies? Ditto! That’s why we made this ice cream.

More goodness

Mom-founded, B-corp certified, Kosher, sustainable. We give back to the community, too.

Why Peekaboo?

Other Indulgent Ice Cream*
170 Calories 190 Calories
16g Sugar 22g Sugar
4% Fiber 4% Fiber
15% Vitamin A 1% Vitamin A
20% Vitamin C 15% Vitamin C
10% Riboflavin 0% Riboflavin
8% Phosphorus 0% Phosphorus

Where to Find Us

Where to Find Us

Eat your veggies @eatpeekaboo