How the Ice Cream MAGIC Happens:

At Peekaboo Organics, we're all about real, clean ingredients. Like the dairy that comes from happy cows and all of our veggies that are organically grown.

And we never use any genetically modified stuff - ewwww

Packed with vitamins and minerals

Vanilla with Hidden Zucchini

Classic vanilla has never been less boring or more nutritious: that’s because we combine organic milk, cream and sugar with fancy bourbon vanilla beans and vitamin-rich zucchini for a sweet, smoky flavor.

Good source of Calcium, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Phosphorus

Gluten Free

Strawberry with Hidden Carrot

Humdrum strawberry gets a major upgrade, with hidden carrots added to the traditional ice cream equation. The bright and fruity flavors pop in your mouth while you reap the benefits of the mineral-rich veggie.

Excellent source of Vitamin C

Good source of Vitamin A, Calcium and Riboflavin

Gluten Free

Mint Chip with Hidden Spinach

Eating your greens has never tasted so good. That’s because we sneak spinach into a recipe that also includes decadent dark chocolate chunks and sweet mint leaves steeped in a fresh cream base. So you never detect the vitamin C-packed veggie, only the yummiest mint chip ice cream you’d expect for dessert.

Excellent source of Vitamin A

Good source of Calcium, Iron, Riboflavin, Phosphorus, Copper

Gluten Free

Cotton Candy with Hidden Beet

Get all of the sticky sweet flavor without the sugar hangover. We add beets to our cotton candy recipe to give your kids the calcium and phosphorus benefits--plus the carnival-esque color that conjures up amusement park rides. Say wheeeeee!

Good source of Calcium, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Phosphorus

Gluten Free

Chocolate with Hidden Cauliflower

Cauliflower and chocolate usually don’t belong in the same sentence. But we found a way to combine them: our recipe for rich, chocolate-y goodness contains organic Peruvian cocoa and (surprise!) calcium-rich cauliflower.

Good source of Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Phosphorus

Gluten Free

Unicorn with Hidden Zucchini

What could be more magical than a birthday cake batter flavor and festive swirl of purple frosting? Well if there’s ever an ice cream deserving of the name unicorn, it’s this one that sneaks in mineral-rich zucchini.

Good source of Calcium, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Phosphorus

Strawberry sorbet with hidden tomato

Ok, technically tomatoes are fruit and not veggies. But to your kids, it’s just more produce on their plate. Instead, we mixed this super source of antioxidants and fiber into our velvety strawberry sorbet.

Excellent source of Vitamin C

Gluten Free

Mango sorbet with hidden squash

We pulled off a real magic trick with this mango sorbet, mixing in a cup full of pumpkin squash. Technically a fruit, it’s high in fiber and beta carotene, adding a health kick to our creamy (and non-dairy) recipe.

Excellent source of Vitamin C

Good source of vitamin A

Gluten Free

If there was a superhero ice cream, this would be it. That’s because we don’t skimp on the butterfat.

What’s that? Oh just one of the richest ingredients. It’s the butterfat that makes you and your kiddos crave that creamy taste (and what’s missing from diet ice creams that leave you unsatisfied).

One thing’s for sure, we’re not in the business of puffery when it comes to our ice cream.

That means we don’t pump a lot of air into our recipes. In industry terms, it’s called “low overrun”. But all you need to know is we put more high-quality ingredients in so it tastes delicious.

The sprinkles on top? We sneak at least 1 full cup of veggies into every pint of our indulgent ice cream.

We are kind to Planet Earth! All of our packaging is sustainable.

Why Peekaboo?

Other Indulgent Ice Cream*

170 Calories 190 Calories
16g Sugar 22g Sugar
4% Fiber 1% Fiber if any
15% Vitamin A 5% Vitamin A
20% Vitamin C 15% Vitamin C
10% Riboflavin 0% Riboflavin
8% Phosphorus 0% Phosphorus

*Other Indulgent Ice Cream is an average of Häagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry’s and Talenti