We’re building the future of better-for-you ice cream

At Peekaboo, we’re all about the precarious balance of parenting: We know how hard it is to get your kids to eat their veggies—slash impossible. We also know there’s no denying their ice cream-induced 😃😃😃.

That’s why our founder, chief ice cream engineer, and mom of three started sneaking veggies into her homemade pints. So your family can get the benefits of cauliflower and spinach—it’s good for immunity!—and the rich flavors of chocolate and cookie dough, at the same time.

More Yum!

Momming ain’t easy. That’s why we’re committed to making it a little bit healthier for your kids by sneaking in some nutritious veggies—while still using those rich, traditional ingredients we crave like sweet cream and cocoa.

Less Judgment.

Kids won’t eat their broccoli? Same same. We’re on a mission to help families develop a healthier relationship with food (and to stop beating themselves up for the #fails!). Serving ice cream with nutrition helps take some of that stress away.

Meet Jessica

Our founder, ice cream pioneer and mom of three had a popular scoop shop in Miami for ten years before developing Peekaboo, which she saw as a more palatable solution to the eternal parenting challenge: feeling good about what you feed your kids.

Giving Back

Our belief that Peekaboo can help make the world a better place goes beyond putting veggies in our recipes: as a female-and-mom-founded company, we support women in the workplace. We also believe that all little ones deserve to have full bellies, so we proudly partner with Team No Kid Hungry.

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