5 ways to get your kids to eat veggies and love them (or not hate them, at least)

5 ways to get your kids to eat veggies and love them (or not hate them, at least)

5 ways to get your kids to eat veggies and love them (or not hate them, at least)

Your kids won’t eat their veggies? Yeah, same here. According to the USDA, 2 to 3 year-olds should be getting at least 1 cup of veggies a day. But if it’s tough enough to get even a single bite in, you’re probably wondering: how on earth am I supposed to make them eat a WHOLE CUP?

Parents, we feel your struggle -I mean, that’s why we made Peekaboo in the first place- so in honor of National Eat Your Veggies Day, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks around the web and sought advice from an expert to help you get more veggies on your kids’ plate.  

1. Get your kids in the kitchen

Kids are more likely to eat what they helped make, so get them involved! Take them to the farmer’s market or grocery store, let them pick the veggies themselves, and help choose how to cook and flavor them.

2. Mix veggies into their favorite meal (or dessert)

Here’s where Peekaboo comes in! A fun and creative way to introduce your kids to veggies is by mixing them into food they already love, such as ice cream. This doesn’t replace eating veggies in other forms, of course, but it does help kiddos get nutrients in and make life just a little bit easier for parents.


Peekabo Ice cream pints

3. Make veggies fun!

Getting creative with the way you serve veggies can make a huge difference. Our friend, dietician Jodi Greebel has something to say about this: 

If you are looking to help your child grow, be healthier, improve mental well-being, thrive and so much more, the best thing you can do for your kids is get them to eat vegetables. When it comes to vegetables, it’s important to eat them often and eat a wide variety of colors (each color provides different nutrients and antioxidants). Easier said than done, right?  The truth is that it doesn’t matter what form the vegetables are in as long as your child is eating them. So, get creative with ways to serve them up to your kids!

For more ways to feed your family and kid-friendly recipes, make sure to follow her on Instagram: @greengrownmeals

4. Don’t battle over veggies

Introduce veggies little by little and be patient if they reject them. The key to getting your kids to eat veggies is never to force, challenge or punish them, otherwise they’ll likely create a psychological rejection of vegetables, even as adults. Just keep trying! 

5. Set a good example

It’s hard to convince your kid to eat broccoli if you won’t go anywhere near it! Kids learn by example, so make sure you eat veggies yourself while they’re watching. 


There you have it; some simple ideas you can try today to get more veggies in your kid’s diet. We hope these tips were helpful and we’d love to hear about your experience! Remember – we’re all trying our best as parents and every kid is different, so don’t stress if it takes a while for them to like veggies. When it comes to parenting, patience (and persistence) is a virtue, so don’t give up! 

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