Our Guide to Summer Activities for Kids

Our Guide to Summer Activities for Kids

Our Guide to Summer Activities for Kids

Parents around the world are gearing up for a summer like never before – which, for many, will be one without camps, pools, playgrounds or parks.

While we love a good old-fashioned bike ride, long summer days require plenty of summer activity ideas to fight boredom and keep both kids and parents sane! 

From scavenger hunts to ice cream fun,  we’ve put together some of our favorite summer activities to keep kids busy and happy (which we know is not always easy to do)! 

Activity #1 The Scavenger Hunt 

Carrot Scavenger Hunt – there might be NOTHING that kids love more than a good scavenger hunt! Teach them healthy habits AND get their little brains into action with this “carrot hunt” – just make sure they don’t eat any baby carrots they find on the floor! Even better? This article has great ideas on clues to save you some time! 

Step 1 – Make a list of witty hints that will challenge your kids 

Step 2 – Hide the carrots (just remember where you put them all!) 

Step 3 – Get your hunt on! Make it fun – whoever gets the most carrots wins, or join in the search together and reward yourself with a family Peekaboo ice cream party at the end! 

Activity #2 Freeze Dance 

Did you know Peekaboo has a summer playlist? It’s true. And one of our all-time favorite activities? You guessed it – freeze dance! This is a fun way for kids to let loose and release pent-up energy. Lord knows we all need it these days! So break out the Peekaboo Ice Cream Summer playlist and encourage your kids to express themselves with their best dance moves. 

Activity #3 The ULTIMATE Fort 

Perfect for a rainy summer afternoon, take fort-building to the next level with the ultimate family fort. Take inspiration from Pinterest or these fun ideas on Red Tricycle, or create your own! We love creating different rooms by hanging sheets to make barriers – and be sure to make a cuddle zone where you can read books, wind down and relax at night before bed. Bonus points if you hang lights! 

Image credit: www.lynzyandco.com

Activity #4 Build Your Own Minis

We couldn’t have a guide without including some Peekaboo! We always have fun baking and cooking together (stay tuned for some fun Peekaboo summer recipes coming soon!) and we love this recipe from Our Kid Things with the cutest mini ice cream sandwiches. Our kids always love building and decorating the sandwiches with toppings of their choice – get creative here, we dare you! Check out the recipe here

Activity #5 “Choose Your Own” Painting Fun 

Is it just us or is there something about unusual mediums that make painting even MORE fun for kids? Break out your paints, throw these “tools” in a pile and let the kids go wild! 

-Forks (find some inspo here!)

-Wax or parchment paper

-Sponges (we love this project!) 

-Glue + Salt (this blog is great!) 


We hope that some of the ideas will help to make summer a bit more fun! Still looking for inspo? These mama blogs are some of our favorites for keeping kids busy all day long! 

What are some of your favorite resources? We’d love to hear from you! 

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