Pump up the Jamz

Pump up the Jamz

Pump up the Jamz

Let’s be real, no summer is complete without the perfect playlist. The best way to celebrate those long summer nights is to turn up the tunes and throw yourself an epic dance party – don’t worry, Peekaboo is a judgement-free zone. That’s why we decided to help you “get happy” and curate the most legendary ice cream summer playlist there is to offer. We have listed some of our favorite music to groove to, all but ensuring a good mood for Peekaboo – what could be better?! 

Ice Cream Jams

  1. I Want Candy: Aaron Carter – The perfect Peekaboo party jam to satisfy your sweet tooth. 
  2. Candy Man: Christina Aguilera – This song has us day dreaming about a sweet talkin’, sugar coated ice cream man…. 
  3. Happy: Pharrell Williams – So, this song has nothing to do with ice cream necessarily…But it is totally giving us #goodicecreamvibes.   
  4. Salted Caramel Ice Cream: Metronomy – We, too, often refer to our dream crushes as salted caramel ice cream, it’s the ULTIMATE compliment.  
  5. Love on Top: Beyonce – Grab your friends, throw a dance party and jam out to the Queen B herself. Fun Fact: We like to change the lyrics to “Ice Cream on Top.”
  6. Ice Cream Man: Van Halen – Grab your air-guitar and blast some classic rock while enjoying a timeless pint of Peekaboo Ice Cream. 
  7. Shake Rattle & Roll: The Hit Crew – This vintage 50’s song will give you a blast from the past transporting you into Grease mode. We recommend wearing a poodle skirt and holding a milkshake to get into character. 
  8. Ice Cream: Mika – This is what it sounds like when someone narrates a day at Peekaboo HQ in song form. 
  9. Ice Cream Paint Job: Dorrough Music – Nothing like a playlist switch-up!Perfect music for taking your Peekaboo Ice Cream “to go.” 
  10. Ice Cream: New Young Pony Club – If you’ve ever been caught in a war of wills with your ice cream, maybe don’t listen to this song. Not only will it have you reaching for that extra helping (or two), it’ll also have you bopping all the way to the freezer. 
  11. Birthday Cake: Rihanna – We know our girl RiRi is throwing awesome ice cream parties on the regular. Our only suggestion is to use ice cream cake of course. 
  12. Cream: Prince – Because no summer playlist is complete without a tribute to the Purple One. Also, a good reminder that no sundae is complete without a little cream on top!   

We hope these tunes get you in the mood for something deliciously deceptive like our Peekaboo Ice Cream. With 5 bold flavors and hidden veggies in every pint, a treat for your kiddos is also a treat for you… PEEKABOO!

Ready for more of Peekaboo? 

To celebrate, pick up a pint of Peekaboo Ice Cream at your local grocery store or order your pints in our online shop. Click here to purchase now. 

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