Which Peekaboo Flavor Are You?

Which Peekaboo Flavor Are You?

Which Peekaboo Flavor Are You?


There’s an age-old question of what’s your astrology sign but have you ever thought what your ice cream flavor is? There’s a flavor (or three) for everyone out there, so we crafted a little quiz for all you coneheads (we mean that in the best way) to figure it out. Whether you’re a fruity fanatic, or purist, get the scoop (with Peekaboo) in our just-for-fun seven question quiz below. Think of it as seven seconds in ice cream heaven!

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Where to Try Peekaboo

Peekaboo’s five flavors are available online as well as major stores, groceries and local shops throughout the country. Click here to purchase your pint now. 

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