Celebrate Ice Cream Cones on National Ice Cream Cone Day

Celebrate Ice Cream Cones on National Ice Cream Cone Day

Celebrate Ice Cream Cones on National Ice Cream Cone Day

As we ease into fall, we aren’t quite ready to let go of summer sweets so we’re fully celebrating September 22 – National Ice Cream Cone Day. Indulge in a waffle style, pretzel, wafer, sugar or whatever your please and take a bite into the best way to eat ice cream. 

The History of Ice Cream Cones 

How can you eat ice cream in your hands without making a mess? An ice cream cone. There is some debate to the origin of the ice cream cone. On record, it first appears in French cookbooks in 1825 labeled as “little wafflers” – simply a waffle rolled into the shape of a cone. 

Those later developed into hand-shaped cones that became popular in the United States in the late 1800s. The official debut of the ice cream cone as we know it came in 1904 at the St. Louis World’s Fair. 

In 1912, an inventor from Oregon obtained a patent for a machine to make them. In the late 1920s he sold his company to Nabisco who is credited with making ice cream cones an American classic and please palates around the world. 

Why We Love Ice Cream Cones

Whether you are a cup or a cone person, it’s hard to argue that eating ice cream from an ice cream cone isn’t a sensory experience. Here are three reasons why we love ice cream cones: 

1. Added flavor and texture is the easiest justification for eating an ice cream cone! Think of it, there are pretzel cones, waffle cones, sugar cones, dark chocolate cones. The list goes on and on. Eating chocolate ice cream (with Hidden cauliflower) is infinitely better with a chocolate sprinkle pretzel cone. 

2. Ice cream cones are eco-friendly. Okay so this may be a little bit of a stretch but with all the concern about single-use plastic, consider that every time you eat ice cream in a cone, you aren’t using plastic disposable spoon and cup! Safe to say you are doing both yourself and your planet a favor. 

3. Back to this: Cone or cup? While its open to some discussion, we often vote for cones! 

Celebrate with Peekaboo 

While no one really knows how or why September 22 got the honor of its glory as National Ice Cream Cone Day – we’re tickled pink that such a day exists to honor a crucial part of an ice cream experience. We’re biased but really the best way to celebrate National Ice Cream Cone Day is by celebrating with us. Grab a pint of your favorite Peekaboo flavor, a box of cones and whal-la! Your most favorite treat. and so relevant. #IceCreamConeDay

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