Spinach the Superfood

Spinach the Superfood

Spinach the Superfood

Is it the color? The smell? The texture?  I mean, what is the real reason why we refuse to enjoy our veggies?  

Parents are in a constant cycle of trying to force their kids to eat healthy vegetables and getting absolutely nowhere.  I refused to believe that kids would never really enjoy their veggies, which is why I came up with Peekaboo! 

As one of the most elite superfoods, Spinach was a necessary ingredient when I first started to brainstorm flavor concepts.  Spinach has such a bad rap and I wasn’t going to let my kids miss out on all of the essential nutrients and benefits that it has to offer for their development.  

So, I sat my kids down in the living room, put on an episode of Popeye and showed them why spinach really is so great – Oh and I didn’t mention that it was in the pint of Peekaboo they were devouring… Oops!

Curious as to why spinach is a superfood? Keep reading and I’ll tell you all about it!

Popeye Approved

Strong Bones

Popeye wasn’t joking when he said spinach helps with muscle growth. Spinach is rich in vitamin K and acts as a modifier of bone matrix proteins. Spinach improves calcium absorption and can reduce the amount of calcium that leaves the body. – I mean, how cool is that? Superfood to the rescue!

Glow Up

Not only is spinach high in fiber and water, it also has large quantities of vitamin A, which moderates the production of oil in your pores and hair follicles to moisturize your skin and hair… Talk about a glow up! Spinach also includes vitamin C, which is crucial for the building and maintenance of collagen… Ladies I think we can all agree that collagen is key.

Blood Pressure

Due to its high potassium content (who knew?), spinach is recommended for people with high blood pressure. Now I am not saying every parent has stressful kids, but let’s just say I can use all the help I can get. 

Energy Boost

We can’t leave out the fact that spinach also has one of the best sources of dietary magnesium, which is essential for energy metabolism.  My coffee can only keep me awake for so long, and let’s be real, Let’s get real, everyone can use a little energy boost.

Now that you know all of the hidden secrets of why Peekaboo, I mean spinach, is so good for you. Pick-up a pint at your local grocery store, or find us online so you can taste the rainbow. 

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Where to Try Peekaboo

Peekaboo’s five flavors are available online as well as major stores, groceries and local shops throughout the country. Click here to purchase your pint now. 

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